Swanson Services Corporation - has been involved in the corrections industry since 1945 providing resident banking software and out-sourced inmate commissary services.  The Swanson Family prides itself in its heritage and the fact that many of their 1200 clients have been served by Swanson for over 40 consecutive years.

This recently completed project has already made an impact for Swanson Services.  Our objective was to create an updated inviting environment with concise graphic messaging and ample space to display demonstration equipment.  The exhibit needed to have flexibility to convert from a 10x20 to 2 individual 10x10’s for their regional sales programs.  The graphic quads are interchangeable to accommodate company growth and additional messaging.

Next Steps:
Go Crazy! Sometimes the wildest ideas lead to the best ideas. Click on our case studies to learn more about the great projects we’ve created for clients.
Case Studies
Our roster of clients came to us with a thought and before you know it we’d turned that into full-blown exhibit success for them. Some great ideas are right here.
Case Study #1: Allosource

Case Study #2: JRF
Case Study #3: Intermap
Case Study #4: Blosm
Case Study #5: Swanson

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