Client: Joint Restoration Foundation (JRF)
Project: 10x 10 custom exhibit
Objective: Create a new 100 sq. ft. space that showcases JRF human joint restoration products in unique and effective ways, while maximizing space.
Solution: VIP Exhibits designed a compelling product station with two (2) small rotating display trays showcasing surgical process/procedures, with illuminated and angled product shelves below. The display trays enable simple change-out of products as required for different audiences. Three illuminated podiums in the rear of the space showcase acrylic bone displays. An additional podium features video presentations. Wood laminate, acrylics and perforated metal materials are utilized throughout to create a contemporary, organic environment.

What the client says:  "We wanted an interactive 10X10 that set us apart from everyone else. The working center podium with turn-tables and the media tower along with a large backdrop attract potential customers and keep them engaged. The storage component are strategically placed to allow us to keep a clean look in the exhibit at all times while allowing plenty of room to store accessories. We will be able to use this exhibit for several years while keeping it fresh with new media, new procedures, and new graphics."  Art Kutz, Executive Director, Joint Restoration Foundation

Case Studies
Our roster of clients came to us with a thought and before you know it we’d turned that into full-blown exhibit success for them. Some great ideas are right here.
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