Client: Intermap
Project: 20x40 / 20x20 custom exhibit - Product display, branding visibility, market leader for military, municipalities, insurance for accurate map imaging data
Objective: Create multi-use environments that include ample seating for ad hoc in-booth meetings, workstations for semi-private demonstrations, reception and badge scanner desk as well as an in-booth climbing wall to provide a strong Intermap branding visual.
Solution: The Intermap exhibit design, created by VIP Exhibits, flows seamlessly from one space to another for maximum functionality while maintaining a visually attractive environment. The highlight is Intermap’s fully functional indoor climbing wall. This uniquely stunning feature not only showcases Intermap’s market-leading technology and competitive edge, it provides each guest with a memorable experience that is captured in a take-home framed photograph. A simply genius solution!

What the client says:  “Having worked with Sherri Harrod and VIP Exhibits for the last three years, I am always confident that my shows will come together. Sherri and her team provide a level of service not found in most exhibit houses and the effort they put forth is merely an extension of my team. Whether it is show logistics, booth creation and/or modification, or staff training, VIP Exhibits works to create an overall plan to ensure my team’s success. Working with a team that has your best interest at heart, is not easily found, but with VIP Exhibits we have just that.”  Monica Moore - Marketing Director, Intermap

Case Studies
Our roster of clients came to us with a thought and before you know it we’d turned that into full-blown exhibit success for them. Some great ideas are right here.
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Case Study #3: Intermap
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