Client: Blosm
Project: Custom modular 10x10
Objective: Brand Denver start-up Blosm and introduce its product – uniquely flavored whipped cream – into the market.
Solution: For a new company making all natural flavored whipped cream, a fanciful exhibit is on the menu. VIP Exhibits serves up a whimsical feel for the fun of flavored whip cream with a unique frame structure for the back wall display. Because the environment must optimally showcase samples of Blosm products, a party-like display counter is both functional and playful. The materials and colors used throughout the space are fun and light-hearted to perfectly complement the Blosm brand. The display counter houses a refrigerator for Blosm products, making them easily accessible.

Case Studies
Our roster of clients came to us with a thought and before you know it we’d turned that into full-blown exhibit success for them. Some great ideas are right here.
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Case Study #4: Blosm
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